National Pasta Day

Can a horse eat pasta, no but they can enjoy faux pasta,

Everything is fun in moderation, while a human might celebrate national food days with a quick trip down the street to the restaurant of choice (for most Americans it will be an Italian adventure).

But what about a horse? They can be fun to figure out how to celebrate a fun food day with.

OCTOBER 17th is National Pasta Day, a traditional menu might include a Salad, main dish (pasta variety) and a bread, pair with a desert and you’ve got a great meal.

The Salad

Can horses eat a “salad”, yes based off everything I’ve seen they can. PETKEEN (Can Horses Eat Lettuce). Moderation is important, chop a handful of lettuce throw on a couple baby carrots, add a few slices of cucumbers, slice some radishes, just make sure to avoid the tomato, and that’s a great pony friendly salad. It’s even great for humans as well, but of course humans can add other stuff as well.

The Pasta

Other non-traditional, yet stillΒ perfectly acceptable foodsΒ include bread, pasta, macaroni, potato chips, fruit juice, hot dogs, hamburgers, and most dog and cat foods.

Saddle Box

Horses can eat Zucchini, while not all squash is safe for them, a small amount is great, they enjoy the fresh crisp taste and many vegetables also have a high water content. So grab the spiralizer get the workout you’ve always wanted, and make some Zoodles. Since horses can’t eat tomatoes the traditional red sauces are out the door, but maybe they like a traditional simple sauce, some light oil (maybe some watered down molasses even) with some “seasoning” chia seeds, flax, sunflower and even hemp.

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