The Farm – Old Location on Brushcreek Rd.

Find us in Stillwater, Oklahoma!

Paradise in Progress

We are currently renting the farm with intent to purchase at the completion of 2 years. The current owners do not reside locally and are happy to have someone caring for the property and utilizing it. As it has sat vacant for 5 years it needs a lot of work.

First Tasks


Our first task comprised of fixing the small pasture as it was winter and we would be feeding hay until spring. this allowed us to leave behind the pasture lease where we were paying $90/horse. We had an interesting but successful move, no one had to go to the hospital so it was a good day, Turtle lashed out causing some bumps and bruises. Due to the truck needing a torque converter & the close proximity to the new farm Sara hand walked the horses over one at a time.

Opps, Rough Winter Ahead

Water Problems

Once the small pasture was fixed and the horses moved we discovered the water main had shattered. Due to the cold we were not able to immediately replace it. Sara & Damien hauled water each day to fill up the 110 gallon water trough until the line could be trenched which Sara did to lower the cost of the new line from $5000 to $750(big cost difference). Shortly after replacing the water line we expanded the herd to add a fifth member in GOODIN PUDDIN.

Spring Expansions

New Pasture

In April we began work on the back pasture as it was mostly Native Prairie and very open unlike the front pasture. $1,200 & 1 week later we released into the back 15 Acres this brought the total grazing area to 20 acres which we are hoping is sufficient to get thru the summer and back into winter.

Fall Plans

Better Fences

We are currently working to save up money to fund a capital improvement project of replacing our worn out fences. As we did not get to put up new fences before we moved in we are in the process of it now as the property was previously a cattle ranch the fences are not exactly horse appropriate but they are functional. We are looking at a 4 strand High Tensile fence.