Financials At A Glance

We are a registered Non Profit. Our rescue is 100% self-funded by your donations & the activities that we offer to the community.

We receive-No Government funding, little to no grants

Where does your donation go?

HORSES- feed, hay, vet, farrier, etc.

Property Maintenance- to ensure a safe environment for the horses.

Our commitment to the community is that 100% of all donations go to the feed, hay, farrier, veterinarian care, etc of our horses.

**ALL NEGATIVE BALANCES are covered by BOARD Giving, please consider a donation to help lessen this amount, while the board gladly gives covering these funds as board members join and leave, leaves a lot on those that stay.

Due to IRS paperwork dates the 19-20 year is not tax deductible but has been supplied for additional information, on spending habits.