Help Us

We do utilize Square & PayPal to assist our generous donors in purchasing specific items that we need around the farm or contributing in $5 amounts towards a very large purchase, or the continuing care of the herd if they are not comfortable with the Pasture Pals Program or are only able to make a one time donation.

Pasture Pals

Our approximate monthly cost per an equine in our care is $300 (sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less) if anyone would like to become a monthly supporter please use the link above. You can also select an item from our “store” to purchase for the herd if you are not comfortable with making a recurring donation.

Have you ever wanted to own or interact with a horse but for many different reasons could not? Well now is your chance to become part of a horse’s life through our Pasture Pal Sanctuary Program. Not only will you be helping a horse but you will also be helping Dragon Stables to provide the ongoing care that is required each and every month for a sanctuary horse.Β 

Visitations may only be scheduled from May through October each year.Β  (A signed Waiver Liability form is required prior to any visit).

If you would like to donate but aren’t comfortable with the ways above or need a more customized donation package please let us know and we would be happy to tailor something to your needs.



Give the gift that keeps giving all year long!  Donate $5 or more each month to make a difference in our program.


Helps the herd caregivers purchase supplies needed for day to day operations, while having a little slush fund on hand for veterinary emergencies. Allows the herd to maintain a steady support base year round.


We need a lot, our average expenses are close to almost $1000/month. This amount does vary based on how many horses we have in the sanctuary at any given moment.

Pasture Lease is $200/month for 40 acres this allows us to not have to buy hay except for the extreme wintery parts of the year as the horses are allowed to graze. A round bale costs us $60 and we use one a month per horse in the Winter.

Water & Electric run about another $100 depending on temperatures in the summer the water usage goes up as the horses drink more and in the winter the electricity usage goes up to keep the tanks thawed.

Our grain costs $25/bag each horse will use about a bag a week, we feed BlueBonnet Intensify Pelleted. 

Of course for vet bills we have the usual cost of annual shots/tests/etc. We occasionally have the major vet bill that happens via accidents while playing in the fields and do fundraisers for them on an as needed basis. But current annual vet visits for each horse is about $300; $150 for a dental float, then $100 for core vaccines & $40/coggins test.