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A Short(ish) History of Dragon Stables

A Short(ish) History of Dragon Stables

We actually never intended to get our 501C3, we started out fairly small and intended to rescue for our personal use.

Our first horse saved was Ava, she was saved out of the Perkins lot with help from Thoroughbred Athletes in June of 2016 to be my personal trail horse.

We later saved Poseidon in December 2017 after some health issues Ava had that would prevent her from being able to go on long rides, she had chronic abscesses in her feet, we later discovered she had PPID – more commonly known as Cushings.

In March of 2018 we spoke up for Clever and Zepper who were with ICAREIHELP in Louisiana at Hal Parkers. We ended up moving a couple times before landing at our long term lease on Brushcreek (November 2018- May 2021). During our time frame on Brushcreek we gained Puddin, she was the tipping point.

Puddin arrived January 2019, after we tried to find her a safe place to fully rehab and be rehomed. A small piece of Puddins history is actually featured in a blog post on Horseracingwrongs. After saving her we realized there really weren’t enough sanctuary places for younger horses that could be pasture sound.

We initially filed for state (Oklahoma) Charitable Organization in March 2019.

The end of 2019 saw us take in 3 older mares, early 2020 saw us take in a mare and foal. In March of 2020 we filed for non-profit status with the IRS.
The mare and foal we lost within 3 weeks of them arriving the colt had an umbilical hernia that was never fixed and the mare was too far gone, she ended up going down and was euthanized due to her inability to stand on her own.
One of the mares we ended up sending to a larger organization for help, as we were told by someone she was not pregnant (which was not the case), she ended up passing and sparked a large chaotic issue, but just know that court documents do not tell the entire story.
Another older mare ended up at the Vet, and while we instructed the Vet to put her down due to a number of factors, we don’t know where she is as she was not euthanized, and her health was used in the case against us.
A third mare (the last of the ones we took in in late 2019) was rehomed to DJ in Alabama.

We used the remainder of 2020 and early 2021 to regroup, get some things straightened out, and find some answers to the 2020 court case. We watched a larger organization have much worse issues and no court case was ever brought against them.

We lost our long term lease in May of 2021 after the land owner received a cash offer at way more than we could afford. Our much smaller herd moved around the corner to a much smaller pasture.

In September 2021 we placed an offer on Clever’s brother, he arrived a couple weeks later. In mid October one of the mares who was also at ICareIHelp and had an intimate history with several other horses in our care ended up in a bad situation, she is now next to Clever (Lad) at Starr Valley rehabbing. Revenge has a pending home offer once we get her hoof issues straightened out, she has Bi-Lateral Laminitis with Pedal Osteitis.

Many of our horses are selected based on their health issues, every horse deserves a dignified end, history was built on the back of horses and they are one of the least protected animals.

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Our Story is still evolving and we will continue to grow and evolve with it. We have a moral obligation to protect the equines in this world.