We HAVE to BUY HAY. Hay is $120/bale plus a delivery fee of $40/Bale bringing our Bale total to $160/each. FOR NOW, HAY PRICES ARE RAPIDLY CHANGING, Some places are already charging $325/Bale.

We use FIVE (5) BALES a month. If we do not get enough to buy 60 days of hay and pay our lease, we will be forced to liquidate. WE MUST HAVE 5 BALES PLUS 1 MONTH LEASE BY THE 15TH….

Our Lease is $410/month for 15 acres. Our Herd calls that land home, we operate on an in:out basis, we can not take in a horse, until one of our existing pasture mates exits the herd. Also, due to the nature of our intakes most of the time that exit is us walking them to the Rainbow Bridge.

In our effort to remove Revenges pain, we dipped too far into our savings, as very few people want to help pay for those bills, due to my changing of jobs it cut into what I could add to our savings to keep the center running, now we are in trouble.

Our herd currently comprises of 5 horses, each horse has something medically or physically that puts them first on the chopping block so to speak when it would come to cutting numbers in a normal herd.

Kit is fully pasture sound and can offer a lot, just not in the saddle as he fractured his pelvis leaving the starting gate during race training.

CLad (Crackhead) broke his own skull and pulled a tendon, he is sound for light riding however he must maintain a low sugar diet in order to not act like he’s terrified of everything. His “special” diet is $220 a month (and rising as grain gets more expensive) that doesn’t include his round bale, and well structured exercise routine to keep his muscle supple to be rideable.

Puddin had chips in her knees and has a hoof issue that makes her light riding sound with lengthy recovery time. Which really means good for 3 to 4 rides a year, her diet due to her shear size is very close to CLads in price but hers is just straight grain, she weighs close to 1500 pounds.

Zepper came starved which physically delayed her growth plate closure and put her behind in training, she was kicked in the jaw at some point and broke it. She is rideable with training, and doesn’t eat much to stay at a good weight. Her lack of training and trust puts her at greatest risk. While not tested for CNott & CLads genetic anomaly, it is highly suspected as her damsire is their sire. Her diet costs 137.43 in addition to her hay bale.

CNott is CLads full Sister and requires almost the same diet as he does, she is rideable but has an intermittent locking stifle. She maintains weight better so her diet is only 137.43 in addition to her hay.

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