It isn’t over

Until the fat lady sings. Well, the fat lady is starting to warm up her vocals.

I hate giving up, I could have given up so much sooner but I carried on. WE HAVE TO HAVE FUNDS. Prices have gone up astronomically. A year ago, I made the following flyer to show how much we spend per a horse each month.

Old Sponsorship amounts.

But that is old, and everything has gone up so much more, and I mean everything.

It now costs us close to 490 a month to care for a horse. That’s right almost a 150 dollar a month increase, we have 5 under our protection, we have had to stop saving unless a spot opens up (a horse leaves or passes). We also have had to halt the Feed Fund – this hurt the most since it was designed to help people who had a financial emergency keep their horses by buying them 2 weeks worth of feed. Now those owners don’t have that safety net that we used to keep 20 horses in their own homes during CovID, and we all know the most expensive pet is usually the first to go when the money gets tight.

It’s time for us to start feeding hay, we have no money to buy hay, hay prices have jumped ridiculously high due to the drought, we either have to haul nearly 1000 miles or pay for irrigated hay. A round bale, we will use 1 per a horse in the pasture has jumped from 80 to 120 and there is now a bale limit so we need to stretch it, which means we need hay nets and rings, an expense we can’t afford but need to. A horse safe hay ring is $335 before tax, and we need two, same thing with the hay net that’s almost 200 each and we need two of those as well. The hay nets are to slow consumption and reduce waste while the rings are to keep hooves out of the net for safety.

Our herd relies on us for safety and to make good desicions we rely on donations from kind souls and animal lovers like your-self.

We’ve had several fundraisers up, they have received either nothing at all or very few donors, Revenge’s Raffle has either sold 1 ticket or 17 depending on how you look at it, 16 of those spots are one person. That sent a donation but didn’t specifically note it for the raffle. Our Fall Into Fall Match is still sitting at ZERO, that’s a 5K match grant almost 1/3rd of our annual budget. We can’t expand with out funds, we have had a lot of bills pop up this fall, that we need to pay.

We need help we have always been told to ask, but everything we ask we feel as though we are screaming into the void. Horse rescue is already hard, and it’s getting harder, please help even if it’s just a share of one of our fundraisers.

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