“Why aren’t you ______ accredited?”

Perhaps Equine Welfare watch said it best:

Deep responsible rescue cannot be constrained with a forced timeline. A rescue needs to give a horse enough time to heal and find it’s purpose, only when the horse signals its readiness do you move to a protective, well-matched adoption. Anything else is just horse flipping/selling and we have more than enough players in that category. Why does this not work in a rescue venue? We have not lifted the horse out of the risks of the auction/slaughter pipeline.

Equine Welfare Watch Facebook post 8/28/22

Simply put our organization is too small we don’t do the volume most oversight organizations desire before they put their stamp of approval on us.

We specialize in harder cases, this requires us to be prepared to spend an indefinite amount of time preparing the horse for a new home if it even makes it to that stage, some of our equines will spend the rest of their lives with us due to ongoing issues and when the issues get to much or the perfect storm happens we walk them on their final walk with their care team to escort them across to the spiritual plane of existence, we have flower pots lining a walk way as memorials to all those we loved, fought hard for, and lost.

Many “seal of approval” groups require 12-15 horses being rehomed each and every year, while often maintaining a herd of 4 or 5 in residence, we can meet the 4 or 5 in residence from our sanctuary herd the 12-15 is harder that essentially requires us to rehome 1 or 2 horses each and every month. With the rising cost of everything that is almost impossible unless you have some major funding coming in which we don’t have.

Thoroughbred AfterCare Alliance requirements

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