Any Questions?

How long have you been around and how did you get started?

We have been around since 2018 when we saw there was a need for a soft landing for horses that could find a new home after rehab or just needed help finding a new home. We received our Non Profit status in March of 2020.

Who exactly/what services will my money go to?

Our funds are pretty evenly split between the 3 main categories of Hay/Grain, Pasture Leases/Stall Boarding, and Professional Services (Vet, Farrier, Dentist, Nutritionist). Our last fiscal year that just ended (March 31, 2022) we spent $14,770 of that about (we rounded here) $4,750 was feed/hay, $3,600 was pasture/stall rental, $2,800 was professional services, $3,200 intakes, the rest was miscellaneous items – hay nets, soaker boots, equine bodywork, feed buckets, new blankets.

Can I see a previous annual review/financial report?

Our annual review is public through Blog Posts on the website as well as our Financial summary

Can I donate to your organization in other ways than just money?

Absolutely our Sanctuary Mares love a good spa day (Bath and Brush) or to just go for a roam on the leadrope and hand graze. When we move we will need help with fencing and shelter assembly. We also love donations of feed (reach out for most accurate needs), and square bales (from Western Sky).

What sets you apart from other organizations in your community? From other organizations with similar missions?

We tend to stay small and focus on each horse as an individual instead of essentially warehousing or flipping horses, we also operate a hay fund when funds allow private individuals to keep their horses for as long as possible. Other organizations with similar missions to us are upwards of an hour or more away.

How does your size impact your outcome?

Our small size prevents us from receiving a lot of grants geared toward rescue organizations, but it does allow us to spend a more one on one approach with each horse and help them recover in a more personalized manner, than say larger organizations rely on a lot of volunteers.

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