A Truck, A Truck

Dear DSEC Family & Friends

My name is Sara Draper & I am the founder of Dragon Stables Equine Center. I am looking to raise funds to allow Dragon Stables Equine Center the ability to purchase a vehicle, while the vehicle needed does not have a lot of restrictions on it, a survey of local prices has shown a bare minimum vehicle will cost around $20,000.

Dragon Stables Equine Center is dedicated to rescuing horses from neglect, abuse, abandonment, and slaughter. We strive to improve the lives of horses by providing a safe haven for healing and rehabilitation, while working with our equine partners to educate, inspire, and improve the lives of youth and their families.

Humans go through upwards of 12 career changes before finding the perfect fit, why are horses only allowed one or two before being cast aside? Horses fall into a unique category of not being pets but they aren’t really livestock, we built our Country using horses, we owe them a dignified life.

Dragon Stables Equine Center is looking to purchase a ΒΎ ton pick-up truck with a towing package. The truck does not need to be new, a used but well loved truck is sufficient. We do need it to be an automatic due to the wide array of people who may potentially drive this truck over the years.

This truck will save the Center money in multiple ways. The main way will be hay purchases, it costs $25 a load for delivery. They use anywhere from 2 to 4 deliveries a month depending on the time of year. In an veterinary emergency it is hard to find a vehicle to borrow on a very short notice, this will allow a load and go type situation. Having their own truck will save upwards of $50 a veterinary visit due to being able to go there and not have to pay a farm call fee.

In the past Dragon Stables Equine Center has had access to a truck through members of the board and various volunteers unfortunately those members and volunteers are no longer with the organization making it even more important for them to purchase a truck. They have tried waiting out the vehicle shortages but they do not appear to be easing at this point.

Having their own vehicle will also allow them to take horses to clinics, minor horse shows and trail rides as part of the retraining process. This will make the horses more appealing to adopters, by allowing the horses to show good citizenship in unfamiliar places.

Please reach out if you have any questions, we would love to answer them, the best method to reach them is to email SaraDraper@DragonStables.com or text (918)470-3270. Please, feel free to check them out online on Facebook at Dragon Stables Equine Center, the google listing shows the office address not the Centers Location(s). Please contact us to schedule an appointment to see the horses.

If you would like to donate without asking questions, please use one of the following methods.

Check or Money order made out to Dragon Stables Equine Center and mailed to the office address work great.

You can also pay by card by texting DSECOK to 53-555
This option also allows to pay by Venmo/PayPal

We look forward to working with you,

Sara Draper

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