Hello, and welcome back

In the last year we have done a lot of soul searching and growing, maybe not physically but mentally. We renewed our pasture lease to house the sanctuary herd and have refocused our energy into providing long term homes as well as offering assistance so other owners can keep their horses as long as possible.

We have also changed things up a bit in how we address certain situations. In the past year we have taken in ZERO horses, we felt this was needed to allow our pocketbooks a chance to recover with COVID related layoff and the massive down turns in what few donations we did manage to receive.

The Herd saw a new vet in April, I think they love her. Edye (Oklahoma Equine Dentistry) was out in February for the girls float.

We potentially have a deal worked out with a local cattle rancher to pasture about 10 pairs on our back pasture (20 acres) in exchange for replacing our fence (a nearly $10K value). This will be part of a multi year deal.

We have seen lots of deer this spring, 6 does, 3 fawns, and 1 buck

Some of the Does

We had some bitter cold weather in early February that we managed to over come with the help of some family & friends, the girls went through 3 round bales in less than 2 weeks! We also fed almost a bag of grain everyother day to increase their available calories, they came out of it looking great all things considering.

Land of the Living Pumpkins

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