My Revenge

The history of a mare?

My Revenge has a long and intricately woven history with several members of our herd. She resided at the same farm where 3 of our current members were born. She was sold into her first kill pen stint with 2 of them. Her last foal of record was born 2 weeks after another member of our herd & she more than likely was pasture mates with his dam Lady Nottaway.

My Revenge is a 12yo OTTB, she was originally bailed form Thompsons Horse Lot in March of 2018 by Dina Alborano’s ICareIHelp. MY REVENGE was purchased by THL from Dominques Livestock with 5 other horses from the same people, 2 of those are mares already in our possession (Clever & Zepper). REVENGE was ran through the auction by the people who purchased her from the Browns. We don’t know where she has been over the past 3 years since being adopted from ICareIHelp, but she has unfortunately found her self in a bad situation again.Β 

Her right front hoof needs some work and it has been reported to us that she has been running with a stallion so may potentially be pregnant as well.Β 

We thank SE Horses At Risk for bringing her to our attention once more, and RACEFund for helping us ensure her safety. The grand total to bring her into the fold & back to safety has totaled out to 2127.50 of which only 450 has been raised. We are eager to introduce her back to her old herd mates and to ensure her safety moving forward.

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