What’s in the Feed Bucket?

This is a question often asked; what is in the feed bucket. If you ask 100 people you will get probably 100 different answers. There are millions of theories on this we choose to feed the hoof by following a diet that is recommended by several hoof professionals including Pete Ramey, and the ECIR group lead by Dr. Kellon.

In the morning we feed 2qts of Alfalfa Pellets, with 1 Joe cup of Renew Gold, & 1/4 cup (standard kitchen measuring cup) ADM Grostrong Minerals. We also feed 1 tablespoon of American Stock Loose White Salt to encourage water intake.

In the evening it’s a repeat of the morning feed minus the ADM Grostrong Minerals.

1 Joe cup is 22 ounces
1 pound of renew gold is 3.5 cups (28 ounces)
1 Joe cup is .78 pounds of renew gold
**1 Joe cup twice a day should get you close to the 1.5 pounds of renew gold daily (1.56 pounds to be exact, 2 Joes a day)

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