Helping Hands

Want to join me in making a difference?

My name is Sara Draper & I am the founder of Dragon Stables Equine Center. I am looking to raise a good portion of the now approximately $18,000 (Eighteen Thousand Dollars) it cost to run DRAGON STABLES EQUINE CENTER a 501c3 (85-0546929) on an annual basis.

I have for the last almost 4 years covered the vast majority of the cost to run this rescue from my own personal paycheck, we have now grown large enough that I can no longer do this with the rising cost of everything despite cutting our average herd size in half. Dragon Stables is a 501c3 and donations are tax deductible (please speak with your tax preparer for full deductibility rules & amounts).

How can I Donate?

Any amount you feel comfortable giving even if it just $5 means so much to us, and as always feel free to share our project with others.

Our GoFundMe link: Dragon Stables Annual Fund


Cashapp: $DragonStables

Venmo: @DragonStables


At this time we do not have a way to cash checks or money orders made out to Dragon Stables but we are working on that.

You can check out our financials at:

Financials on Website


We need a lot, our average expenses are close to almost $1,500/month. This amount does vary based on how many horses we have in the sanctuary at any given moment.

Pasture Lease is $200/month for 10 acres this allows us to not have to buy hay except for the extreme wintery parts of the year as the horses are allowed to graze. A run cost us $90/run at Starr Valley, we currently have 2 horses in runs due to injuries.

Boarding = $380/month 

A round bale costs us $60 and we use one a month per horse in the Winter. A square bale cost us $10 and a stalled horse will eat one everywhere day. We currently have 2 horses in runs due to injuries, resulting in a needed 30 bales a month. 

Hay = $300/month May- October & $540/Month November- April

Water & Electric run about another $100 depending on temperatures in the summer the water usage goes up as the horses drink more and in the winter the electricity usage goes up to keep the tanks thawed.

Included in board/pasture lease at this time. 

Our grain costs $30/bag each horse will use about a bag a week per a horse, we currently feed BlueBonnet Intensify Pelleted, but are looking at alternative options.

Grain = ~$650/month on the Bluebonnet Intensify Pelleted.

Of course for vet bills we have the usual cost of annual shots/tests/etc. We occasionally have the major vet bill that happens via accidents while playing in the fields and do fundraisers for them on an as needed basis. But current annual vet visits for each horse is about $300; $150 for a dental float, then $100 for core vaccines & $40/coggins test.

Vet = $300/horse we currently have 5 horses, but that number does fluctuate.

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