We currently have 0, that’s right ZERO monthly supporters. It’s vital for rescues to have donors who are willing to help “keep the lights on”. As much as we’re amazed and grateful each time for the generosity of all those who donate to save these mares from kill lots and dealers in order to remove them from the slaughter pipeline, our work and expenses actually just begin there. Dragon Stables commits to caring for every animal we rescue for life. When they arrive without major health complications, our expenses minimally include a vet visit, vaccines, deworming and a farrier trim. Sometimes our expenses include x-rays, ultrasounds, dental work, blood tests, medications and much more. Regular donors help fill this financial gap so this work can continue.

Today is Turtle’s birthday & we have a big “ask”. We don’t have many followers, but it would be so incredibly helpful to have at least that much coming in every month in regular donations to cover some of the routine expenses. We only need about $850/month to meet our goal of providing a comfortable cushion, while covering most of the ongoing expenses here at the farm, while we complete other tasks (mainly related to paperwork . Would you please consider being a regular donor? You can set that up automatically through PayPal/Patreon/Swipe (website links) or you can simply mail us a check. $5/month might not seem like that much to you but it really does matter to us. Please don’t believe the lie that small donations don’t make a difference. They really do.

We are also deeply grateful to those of you who share our posts, pray for us and the girls, as well as talk to people about the horrible future many horses face when their “productive/money making” days are behind them. Though funding is important, rescue work is not all about money, and we recognize and appreciate all of your teamwork in these areas as well. Thank you!

*RECURRING PAYMENTS* Patreon/PayPal/Swipe all have same levels of donation but processor avenues are different, please pick the one your are most comfortable with**

SWIPE (Recurring Payment)

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