$5 Friday (12/13/19)

Tip Tap & Kitles

As friday quickly approaches, we would like to let everyone know we at Dragon Stables are hosting a fundraiser for STORM KITLES & TIP TAP BET TE. These 2 mares have one way tickets to Mexico, purchased by the Stroud Kill Pen (or what ever you prefer to call them). We cannot save them without help, once saved they will join the Pasture Pals Program.

6 Questions

Where is the horse? 

STORM KITLES & TIP TAP BET TE are currently residing at the Stroud Oklahoma Export Lot

Whose PayPal is it?

Dragon Stables Inc,  We do have 2 PayPals

Kaidaherd.dragonstables@gmail.com is the Business PayPal & used for subscription services & overall general fundraising. Occasionally we will post an invoice for a specific item we need help with.

Kaidaherd.dragonstablesinc@gmail.com this is the “personal” paypal utilized for money pools & friends/family without buyer protection. In instances where we rapidly need to raise a set amount we will use a pool with a set amount as many people respond better to money pools as opposed to invoices.

Where will the horse go? 

We as a rule generally only fundraise for horses entering the Dragon Stables Pasture Pal Sanctuary

What Nonprofit is involved?

Dragon Stables is not a nonprofit; we are a charitable organization located in the Stillwater Oklahoma area. We are filing for 501C3 status but have not received a determination letter yet.

Will the horse be rehabbed?

The mares if capable will be rehabbed for light riding and if they meet certain criteria will potentially be utilized by the local 4H Horse Club participants once details of that program are worked out.

Will they answer your questions?

Yes, we highly recommend you message them to us & we will copy them into a post & answer them very similar to this we are on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/DragonStablesInc/

STORM KITLES is a 2006 Thoroughbred Mare who has fallen victim to a herd cull due to the owner having “too many horses”. He used her to breed his next generation of Appendix runners (Kitles has 4 Torrid Tango foals of various ages & was suppose to be bred). He then decided to run her through a lower end auction where the Kill Buyer purchased her for about $400; the KB then relisted her for $850 which is what we will ultimately pay to save her life.

TIP TAP BET TE is a 2004 Thoroughbred Mare. TIP TAP’s history is a bit of a mystery. As she never raced but does appear on a Report of Mares Bred to Wild Scent in 2012 & 2015.

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