Covid-19 & Update’s

Hello Followers & Supporters, First, a big thank you!

We really wouldn’t be this far along without you. I’m sure you all have heard of the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). I’m normally not one to jump into panic mode on much of anything. Last spring when we had torrential flooding & roads washing out we rode it out in style, because I could still work. Unfortunately due to the population my paying job serves (LIFE Center in Stillwater), they have elected to close for at least this week [March 16th-March 20th]. With the Nonprofit nature of the LIFE Center there is no guarantee we would be paid for any of the time we are closed past what we have saved up paid time off (PTO) for, I currently have about a week saved up, but past that it gets tough. The schools have been ordered by the state to close until April 6th, I am hoping I am able to return to work before that, however it is not looking promising with the diagnosis of 2 cases within the county as we are located in the largest town and therefore frequented by everyone needing to shop.

The herd currently costs about $1000 a month I am opening up a PayPal money-pool to help slowly raise funds to provide for their care and I am hoping it is not a fund we have to use, however it would be a great comfort in knowing we have it just in case. This fund will be left in the PayPal until we need it.

Lots of love,

Sara Draper

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