A Difficult Time

The rescue world seems to be coming to a halt and that scares me!

Many rescues are struggling with the high cost of care, feed , hay etc running with very little support most are trying so hard to keep up on their own .. and this shouldn’t be ….

Each and every day horses ship to slaughter yes the numbers are lower than years past but still we are losing precious souls weekly, monthly, yearly..

Why is this ? Where are all the supporters? these horses truly need each & everyone of us ..

We have to keep fighting for our American horses …

Most rescues try to do fundraising, raffles etc to help with cost even Five dollar Fridays are a wash seems not many will even offer a 5 dollar donation..

I guess the world just doesn’t give a damn about the lost souls anymore, but for those who still care & your heart is for the horses thank you & we as rescues truly appreciate all your support ..

We need more people with big hearts because if not so many lives will be brutally murdered..

Sometimes I hear oh those horses are there for a reason well I’ll argue that till the day they bury me ..

I have 4 amazing equines here at our own rescue & many in adoptive homes that sure as hell didn’t deserve to be slaughtered..

They deserved a second chance at life and we gave them that because we believe in these horses..

The struggle is real for so many rescues but we keep trying, we keep fighting for these precious souls .. we truly don’t want to give up !

All I can say is if you want to help save the American horses you are going have to start supporting the rescues a little more or many will close and so many horses will die.. and that’s something no one wants to see.. I would hope not ….

Praying for all my fellow rescues .. but mostly I pray everyday for those unwanted equines who count on every rescue out there..

Please support your rescues so we can save these precious souls from being slaughtered ..

Support your sanctuary rescues too because they took on horses that no one else wants to care for .. the old, the lame, the special needs.. although these horses have issues a sanctuary with a big heart offered them a forever life and a better ending.. and didn’t let them load on that semi to hell ..


Believe in the unwanted horses

Text by Julie Anne ❤️ (Copied from Jennifer Bland Di Giuseppe Facebook)

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