We have a Bonfire store front.

Crimes Against Art – The Mo’Neigh’ Collection

We started our store a few years ago with just a logo shirt but never really did much with it, our ultimate goal for our store is to provide stress free income, to the center.

The very definition of a Non-Profit means it will NEVER be self sufficient. But our financial history shows us very close to failing the IRS Public Support test. This test is a simple metric used to determine if the public supports your concept, if not we get relabelled to a private foundation and donations become un-deductible.

We spend a good amount of money, each year the IRS uses the 1/3 rules. ONE THIRD from “donations – general public”, ONE THIRD from “Donations – Other”, ONE THIRD from “governance/Dues”. Our budget size dictates that we should be fundraising a minimum of $500/Month (about $6,000 Total). This would completely pay our Pasture Leases unless we needed to put one in the stall next door, and it would slide some into the feed fund.

Through September 15th**

Donations to a non-profit are a form of debt reduction economics, as they allow us to up amounts spent on other things. We are still working on Paying off several items, like our pasture mowing, the line of credit we used last winter for hay/feed, and Revenges final expenses.

Our staff does not take a paycheck, we are fully volunteer run, but our professional care team members need paid, Donations help us do that.

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