Times are Tough

Can we stop the bashing of people trying to do right. I would much rather be faced with a situation of helping rehome a horse in good condition than one who has been “kept” because they are a heart horse and starved as funds get tighter.

WE DO NOT KNOW each individual persons situation, WE CANNOT place ourselves in their shoes.

Who knows, the owner might have just lost their job at the same time as everything started going up, or had a major expense pop up out of the blue, on top of hay tripling.

Facebook Screenshot showing some of the things being said as owners try to rehome horses due to finances.

Our Hay here has went up from $6.50/bale to $12.50/bale and due to lack of rain we are being limited on how many we can get, that’s why we expanded the pasture.

Our grain has went up over $4/bag that an extra $20-25 a month, per a horse.

Farrier has doubled in cost from $25 to $50 per a horse.

Basic Ivermectin has also doubled, most antiparasitics have went up $3-5 a tube. UltraBoss (tick prevention) has went up $15/quart.

Last year most horse owners probably spent 4 to 5 thousand per a horse now you might get lucky to keep it under 10 thousand. We carry an insurance by ASPCA that covers major medical for our horses that has went up almost 20 a horse due to increase in vendor costs being passed on by Vets to the company that provides the coverage.

Even here we are having a hard time making ends meet, due to either personal or donor financial situations.

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