July 2022

We’ve had a lot of exciting things happen these last few months.

We are nearly done with our pasture expansion, we still have a couple small minor things to do to the fence like pull the bottom strand around and finish off the corners (top them off and seal the ends), as well as cap the T-post and run the electrobraid around the top. But the pasture is habitable with Revenge & Clever L now calling it home. By expanding our pasture we have eliminated our need to buy hay during the summer. We are seeing some scary hay prices with Native Prairie going for about $15 for a 70lbs square bale and we were using one a day between Revenge & CL.

We also had an unfortunate experience with some brave (or dumb) people. We had left our hose reel at the neighbors, as we had used his water to fill up half a tank while we waited for a part for our outdoor water system to arrive, and some one came onto his property from the road toto take it. We have already replaced the hoses with a gracious donation froom a long term supporter, but it was still a frustrating experience. We are now needing to replace our hose reel and have placed on eon our amazon wish list, this hose reel will be big enough for the long length of hose needed to span from the faucet to the tanks in both pastures.

We are hoping to be looking at tractors in the near future, as this will allow us to save approximately $75/acre every 6 to 8 weeks during the active growing season by being able to mow our own pastures, it will also allow us to mow them on a much stricter schedule, as well. This will be primarily made possible through our Double the Donation campaign, from NOW until August 15th up to $5,000 will be doubled. We are hoping to be able to locate more donation matchers in the future.

We currently utilize Triple Crown for our main feed, and are seeking proof of purchases, the more proofs of purchases we collect the more bags of feed we can purchase at a reduced cost. We feed a mixture of the Balancer and the Senior GOLD, we have found that this mixture gives us the best flexibility while still covering all of our bases on vitamins and minerals. it also provide the best amount of the limiting proteins while not needing a ton of extra supplementation. Our main supplenments that we use a lot of are LoneStar Trace (Horsetech), RightLyte SF (Animed).

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