A year long gift.

As we recently turned the page in our calendars to a new year, we reflect on last year and make plans for the new year. We encourage all family, followers, friends, and supporters to reach for that checkbook once again, and add a new, New Years Resolution. Hopefully, we can stick with this one, since we can set and forget about it. But what an impact it will make to the horses that call Dragon Stables Equine Center home, we kindly invite you to join our monthly giving program.

$9 buys a square bale which feeds a horse on stall rest for 2 – 3 days. We currently use 25-30 a month for Revenge and Clever L.

$17.50 buys a bag of grain. We use about a bag a week per horse in our care; currently 19 a month.

$25 rents us an acre of pasture, we currently have 10 acres leased but are looking at more.

$25 also buys a hoof trim, we use 5 every 6 to 8 weeks depending on hoof growth.

$80 buys us a Round Bale for the big pasture, the 3 mares in the pasture eat one every 2 weeks from Thanksgiving until close to April 1st.

$90 rents us a stall for stall rest, we currently have 2 on stall rest until at least June.Β 

$100 buys us a spring fling Veterinary visit (spring shots, coggins, fecal)

$150 buys us a dental visit from Oklahoma Equine Dentistry (we do have a bunch prepaid with her)

Or give a one time gift to:

Paypal: Paypal.me/DragonStablesInc

Cashapp: $DragonStables

Venmo: @DragonStables

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