Five Dollars ($5)

Five Dollar Bill (wikipedia images)

When you look at this picture you probably don’t see much, after all $5 is maybe the cost of a coffee at Starbucks. Get a second one & you have the cost of a meal at a fastfood restaurant.

But to the horses in residence at Dragon Stables it means a lot. Ava’s Prascend & Equicoxx cost $5/day ($275 every 60 days). Dad’s grain is $5/day. The rest of the current herd is easier to maintain. It cost on average $900/month to maintain the current herd, ($150/horse)

You don’t have to be rich or well funded to help a horse. The care can’t and shouldn’t stop at the save, here at Dragon Stables we have 6 horses under our care currently who for various reasons can not safely be rehomed.

While we are not currently a 501C3 we are a charitable organization recognized by the state of Oklahoma, we are working on a 501C3 but that can take up to 2 years to be approved.

You can join our supporters at PATREON, we chose Patreon for the added transparency available to our donors.

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