October 2019 #2

The Vet (Benchmark Animal Hospital) came on October 12th, most of the herd received clean bills of health. The grand total for this bill was $1,705

Ava was officially diagnosed as PPID/Pre-Cushing; Dr. Mauzerral has asked that we start her on a daily 1mg dose of Prascend, at this time however finances aren”t flexible enough for that added expense as it runs about $150 for 60 tablets. If anyone knows a cheaper source or would like to help pay for her Prascend let us know, any help is appreciated.

Turtle was a typical jerk, but he got a clean bill of health, as did Clever. Zepper is needing to make a return trip to get new X Rays of her jaw, as her lump has shifted but the expected cost of her final surgery is still quoted at $1,800. Puddin is looking much better she is starting to fatten up, Dr M said she was at a good weight but she was just carrying it oddly making her look thin.

We also applied for recognition as a charitable organization and we were approved (you can see our certificate on our home page). This allows us to raise up to $10,000/yr which will be a huge help as it will allow us to expand our facilities to help more horses that have been retired due to injury or age. We are in the process of applying for 501C3 but until the IRS rules on that we have to advise/remind our supporters that no donations are tax deductible.

We added a Subscription link on our Help Us Page, and will be figuring out exact daily running expenses shortly, as it will make things easier when we try to justify funds needed to the IRS, right now I believe it costs us $3/day per horse in our care. Receipts and Financials can be downloaded/viewed on the Financials page.

DAD SAYS YES (2001 mare) arrived on October 20th, we have been letting her settle in and gain weight before we subject her to meeting Dr M. Dad is a bit thin and is gaining weight under Vet guidance. Dad does need a cribbing collar as she cribs pretty bad, we tried to paint the fences with the no chew paint but with all the rain we think it washed off as Bub caught her cribbing yesterday.

With all the rain we have had to keep the back pasture closed off until it can dry out a little bit, the herd has not been happy being confined to the front, but seem to be taking it well.

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