October 2019

This month has seen a couple changes first with our new roll of fence wandering off over Derby weekend at Remington. We have been unable to create our 10 acre pasture for our seniors to roam in while the youngsters keep the larger pasture. Having 2 pasture would have allowed us to split the herd come winter and place a bale in each, allowing us to only have to put out one bale a week in each pen, and allow everyone equal access to the hay.

We are welcoming our 6th member to the Kaida Herd in just a couple short weeks. My Credit Card was placed on a fraud list so we are having some technical difficulties, I created a PayPal Money Pool with her initial estimated expenses, to make sure she is able to load onto her transport to come south. I didn’t put the smaller things on the list like feed pan & blanket ( because I don’t know what size she wears & a feed pan is cheap).

I was asked by a friend why I if I had thought about pursuing Non-Profit Status to create a place for non rideable or injured horses to go who were comfortable in the pasture or maybe only cleared for light riding. My main questions about this would be is there enough of a market for something like that in our area? I know most of ours are just pasture puffs but I don’t want to get overloaded (I work 2 jobs as it is now) with either being bashed to take in a horse with no financial support or being bashed because I took them in with out support and know am struggling to make ends meet.
If there is a big enough market for one I will pursue it further we only have 40a and at 1 horse per 3 ac we can only handle 12 at a time, with DAD coming that makes 6 some of our herd is quite young (two 4yo, a 6yo, a 7yo) and will be with us a while, AVA & DAD would probably be the first to go (17 &18)

If anyone has done something like this before I will look forward to talking to you if you want to reach out.

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