DAD is coming to us after a loving home in Ohio decided they could no longer meet her needs; which we are very thankful for as some owners will try to tough it out and it will occasionally end badly. DAD was listed as FTGH of Facebook (Free To Good Home). We replied with our Vet’s Name, Farrier and the fact that we had adopted 2 from Thoroughbred Athletes (Turtle & Granny). Now just a short week later we are waiting on transport to bring her south to Oklahoma.

The AD
Very Nice Pedigree

We ran into a bit of trouble trying to get her here but we are working on the kinks. Her transport is scheduled for October 15th and she should arrive here the next day. **This Post will be UPDATED as she arrives & settles in**

DAD arrived the 20th of October, she is thin but in otherwise good health, she is currently being buddied with Ava, our other aged mare.

Already poaching from Turtle

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