That’s a wrap (on 2022) [P1]

It’s April, and that means our fiscal year is over time to wrap up the financials and look to the future.

I like to tell people always be learning. Part of my learning adventure is realizing what big egos are involved in the rescue world.

Another part is coming to the understanding people will hate me simply because they never heard my side of the story. I have to be okay with that, I have to be okay with people making statements to other people about me, I have to be okay with people refusing to believe we have made improvements in our processes.

BUT, what I don’t have to be okay with is forgetting about the most important thing in equine rescue. In November while we were securing Coacoa’s future, some wild and crazy accusations came out, but while everyone was making these statements CoaCoa sat in the traders pen with no effort to fundraise for her or her future.

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