The Power of $5

Not a lot to look at, it might be the cost of a coffee at some chain coffee shop. It doesn’t even begin to cover most fast food dining options. But given monthly to a non-profit can mean the world of difference.

$5 Γ— 12

One a month, such a simple task, we do plenty of things once a month; loan payments are a big one.

But $5 Γ— 12 = $60.

Now for $60 a lot can happen.

Here at DSEC $60 will cover any of the following:

  • 2 bags of Hay Stretcher (a week of food for COACOA)
  • A bag of TC 30% BALANCER (one weeks worth for the Center)
  • 1 hoof trimming
  • 4 square bales of hay (one week of hay for a horse)

So get a couple friends, buddy systems do work.

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