Who is CoaCoa??

CoaCoa was advertised as a 14yo mare, when first consigned to Elkhart Auctions on 11/10, she went through her first sale 11/12, she was purchased by the auction house and relisted on 11/13 through their Sunday Re-List. She once again did not sell and was run back through the auction ring again on 11/19 where she was purchased but returned to run back through the ring on 11/26 where the auction house bought her again to relist on their Sunday Re-List for 11/27. On 11/27 she was bought by a trader.

We paused our efforts for CoaCoa after people actively called/messaged the trader dragging up stuff from almost 3 years ago, that we have worked hard to correct. Not a single one of those people offered an alternative rescue situation or a private home for her. There was a private party but once they got updated pics of her weight they decided not to take her. This means CoaCoa has now been in the pipeline for a full month, 3 consecutive Elkhart Sales and now 2 weeks with a trader.


We are actively working to bring her home to Dragon Stables. She will need some special care as her teeth might hinder her ability to gain weight over the winter, she will be looking for some Grain Gremlins to help with her Senior Grain purchases. We plain on utilizing either Nutrena Senior or Purina Senior (Red Bag) as these are pelleted and will go through the Autofeeder we made for a mare, a few years ago.

To help us bring CoaCoa home consider a donation to Dragon Stables Equine Center.

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