Saying Goodbye

**This will be updated as more questions are asked.

I’m not sure what I prefer in May of 2020 we lost 2 horses very unexpectedly, we had no time to prepare. We still cried, we still had the what-if’s.

With Revenge it is different, we know we are saying goodbye, everyone wants us to wait until a follow up October 8th but I don’t know if she will make it that long, she hurts and it’s getting worse.

Revenge’s Perfect Storm

Revenge has Bi-Lateral Laminitis with Pedal Osteitis (demineralization of the coffin bone) she was also diagnosed with EPM, in treating the EPM she has started gaining growth weight quite rapidly and it’s putting an insane amount of pressure on her laminae (the glue that holds her foot together). This is causing her to sink further her sole is suppose to be about 15mm thick on her Right front it is maybe 2mm

Why are you doing this?

Revenge came to us a year ago with major hood issues, we tried to fix them but they are progressive and will cause her significant pain. We are already starting to see the evidence of that, she is very reluctant to stand for any form of hoof care. She was also recently diagnosed with EPM, which at her age we believe is a recurring issue.

Why can’t you bury her at “home”?

State laws require that we bury at least 300 feet away from a home, well, public water way, or property line. As well as 1 foot above the 100 year flood plain and 2 feet above the existing water table.

Due to the shape of our property and the flood plains,, we cannot bury her at home.

How did you pick “Eternal Pets”

We made a Facebook post in a local equine community group asking for recommendations, Amirah (co-owner) came highly recommended by se veral local private horse owners

How much is this going to cost?

We estimate close to $1,000; but this number could fluctuate depending on several factors.

Eternal Pets – $650 (cremation & pickup)

SEV – $250 (euthanasia)

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