The UNKNOWN Impact of Lasix Free

A Breed-Shaping sires legacy.

Born in 1989 as heir to an unimaginable throne, the son of a triple crown winner out of a daughter to another triple crown winner. He carried a dark mark in his DNA that could ultimately lead to a breed-shaping downfall.

There are 27 foals that share his pedigree, 2 full siblings. Only 3 would reach black type glory and glimpse fame.

His offspring and tale male line dominate the breeding shed where nearly 1 in 10 stallions carry him in the first 3 generations of their pedigree. The closest any one of his descendants have come to Triple Crown glory was in 2014, he has now been exiled to a breeding shed overseas. His Tail-Male line is responsible for 91 current standing stallions. He appears in close to another 100 in the Dam-Sire line.

But the dark spot appeared a couple generations back. There is a fantastic study from South Africa about genetics and EIPH the leading sire of breeders is his dams half brother. His own half brother is one of leading reasons lasix a prominent EIPH treatment was allowed in New York. This pedigree also carries forward in another prominent male line, that is represented by another 7 current standing stallions.

It will be interesting to watch how this stallion’s pedigree plays into top racers in the next few years as the USA which has been a safe haven for his pedigree moves away from race day Lasix.


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