Here We Go, Again….

I was added to a group messenger chat on March 12th 2022. It quickly became evident that this was a chat for a local trader pen, that may potentially have a shipping contract with a slaughter house in Mexico. Looking around their page I stumbled upon something depressing. Now granted this is something I have kind of always suspected based on who owns the pen, but to see proof of it was even more discouraging.

Website Link/Screenshot
Facebook Post Screenshot
Video Downloaded from Facebook.

Notice how all but one of the Pedigree’s list the same person as the breeder. That is the person who owns the pen, for all the talk the Jockey Club does about being anti-slaughter you would think they would do something about this instead of allowing this person to continue to breed and race

Full Sibling to George’s Heartbeat, named after her deceased husband.

Once again same person who owns the pen is the breeder on record.

Now people could argue that at $2,250 she has no intention of shipping to actual slaughter, and she might not but sometimes it’s all about intent and means. She has the means to do it and by listing them where she did instead of consignment to an actual bloodstone auction the intent could be inferred. She also has several other horses listed for a good chunk of money as well.

The only thing I could find about Man on the Street is that he is a private farm stallion, this leads me to believe that he is owned by Adina Baker the listed breeder on his foals. The Euroears foal she bought the mare already carrying him.

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