Recent Events

Recent events have really taken a toll both mentally & financially on us. As we regroup many of our familiar faces will be leaving us. We will leave our PayPal ( open for now, if people would like to help with the care and vet bills until most of the herd has went to their new homes. Once they are gone we will be closing the sanctuary until we are in a better place financially, if and when we reopen we will have strict protocols in place about entry and admission procedures for intakes.

Ava & Turtle will return to Thoroughbred Athletes. Once they are there I’m not sure when or if they will be available for adoption at a later date.

Tip Tap is going to Angie a fellow rescuer to gain some much needed training.

Dad is still with the vet and the subject of an animal welfare investigation.

Kitles passed away (5/27/2020) after delivering a filly on May 26th. We sent her to Thoroughbred Athletes when we found out she was pregnant after being told she was open.

Momma passed on May 13th after arriving April 20th, she was in rough shape to begin with and we weren’t sure she could recover, from her arrival body condition.

Little Man (Momma’s colt) passed on April 22nd after arriving April 20th. He had a large umbilical hernia, we aren’t even sure if he was actually Momma’s or not.

Puddin might remain with us, or we might look to rehome her it depends on if Dad can come home. If Dad can’t come home she will be looking for a new address.

As of right now we are keeping Clever & Zepper.

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