ZEPPER (2015)

Came to us in May 2018 from ICareIHelp in Northern Louisiana. She was born on Brown’s Thoroughbred Farm in Lousiana. Zepper to the best of our knowledge has never been trained.

Zepper contracted strangles shortly after arriving. However, we are not sure if it was from Thompson Horse Lot or her “QT” at Hal Parkers. That issue resolved in due time unfortunately she and her herd mates lost a ton of weight during that battle. ZEPPER was gaining weight back but then got a small bump on her jaw that we treated with Penicillin 10mL once a day injected & it went away. About a month later it came back and didn’t respond to the Penicillin so we tried Cephapirin 5mL at [30mg/mL] once a day orally, the lump went away again. One of our friends who is a vet tech suggested she might have an infected eruption cyst given her age from either a pasture quarrel or just poor development due to her unknown history. We investigated that thought with an equine dentist who determined she would need surgery to correct the issue.

*Zepper has mostly recovered from her medical emergency and is facing one more surgery to finish fixing her jaw, that surgery is estimated to be about $2000

*Zepper is a pet project as she is requiring a lot of medical attention at this point, however the Vet is very optimistic on a full recovery so we are helping her anyway we can, we are listening to her, she has a lot of fight and very strong will to live. She keeps up with the herd just fine and even has made friends with Puddin

  • Zepper does have a half brother named Flash of Pepper who we like to keep up with while he is running he doesn’t seems to have the whole racehorse thing figured out yet but we are hopeful he gets it right eventually

2015 UNRACED MARE – by a son of STRAWBERRY ROAD (AUS) out of an unraced CLEVER CRY mare.

ZEDE is a stakes-winning, graded stakes-placed son of Strawberry Road. Zede won the Tampa Bay Derby, and was 2nd in the Grade II Peter Pan Stakes. ZEDE is also the sire of ZENATO At 5: 2nd M Muniz Memorial S(S,EvD,1m70yds);2nd Louisiana Champions Day Starter H(R,FG,8.5F)

CLEVER PEPPER only foaled one other foal to date a 2016 Flashpoint Gelding named FLASH OF PEPPER who we like to keep up with. While he is running he doesn’t seem to have the whole racehorse thing figured out yet but we are hopeful he gets it right eventually.

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