Turtle came to us December 2017 after a brief stint with Thoroughbred Athletes while he was going thru QT as he came from a horse trader/shipper, he is our only gelding and due to weight issues is not being retrained at the moment.

Poseidon’s Reign is a 2012 South Dakota Bred, we tracked down his owner and breeder who told us that Poseidon and Minnesota had been given to a jockey at Canterbury Park, to be retrained for the Retired Racehorse Project. Unfortunately that did not happen and he found himself in trouble along with his stable mate Minnesota Heart who was lost to strangles in November 2017.

Poseidon liked the back of the pack (hence his nickname of Turtle), he had been briefly retrained and was being used as a track pony with younger two year old racehorses before his rehoming attempt that went bad. 

Turtle (on left facing camera) when Puddin arrived

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